Fuelcast video reflections

The Fuelcast is a short daily video reflection from a range of different contributors from Bristol and around the world. Nigel Coles, one of our regional ministers has previously contributed a number of series including ‘Hope in uncertain times’ and 'The Way, the Truth, the Life' and one of our young people, Victoria Paynter has also provided a number of reflections.


Tour of the Bible series

Helen Paynter, a former member of Cairns and now a Baptist Minister and on staff at Bristol Baptist College, created daily videos during the original period of lockdown giving an overview of the Bible, with a day or two spent on each book. The videos are between 15 and 35 minutes in length and provide a great basis of Biblical knowledge. You can find the full playlist here and here is episode 1, which looks at Genesis 1:1-11


The Bible Project

The Bible Project is an amazing resource that helps people to discover the Bible as one unified story leading to Jesus. They have a blog and a podcast but also create animated videos giving overviews of books of the Bible, exploring a particular theme through the whole Bible (eg justice or exile), explaining how to engage with the different types of writing found in the Bible (eg parables or poetry) and focussing on individual words used in the Bible (eg faithfulness or Gospel). Here are a few to explore as a starting point: 



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