“…but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat…” (Genesis 2:17)

There are possibilities in life which are NOT to be explored. There is knowledge NOT to be sought or known. ‘Curiosity will kill the cat’.Who is prepared to live in ignorance trusting God when He says, ‘You shall not eat’?

Yet whoever desires Life must choose ignorance in place of forbidden knowledge and experience when God declares, ‘Don’t …’

Practically I must embrace the doctrine that God is faithful; true; wise. I must abandon the doctrine of Human Rights telling me I have a Right to this knowledge and experience. I abandon human discovery and embrace experiential ignorance in favour of God’s prohibition and the Life He offers. I must trust Him that Life is found in obedient ignorance, and the ‘promise’ of expansion through this other knowledge is a lie.

It is God’s word that produces Life. The alternative is a satanic lie.

To live I must renounce the lie.

Dave Winfield

The Tree of Knowledge

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