Thank you for being a part of the Street Advent trail 2020

On this page you can find some ideas and inspiration to help you create your advent window. This will be added to so please check back. If you need any further help or inspiration please do not hesitate to contact Ruth on

Here are some materials I have at Cairns, which are available to you for creating your window;

picture 1 contains; rolls of black paper, a roll of navy blue blind fabric, large roll of foam like blue, and some navy blue fabric.

picture 2 shows 24 black foam hoops, they are quite small (see pen for scale) but could be used to create several small images or for example

picture 3 shows lots of bits and pieces, fabric samples could be useful for kings, semi transparent waxy red paper, foil cake cases, fabric for sheep wool, insides of blinds, which might make good wings, and some bubble wrap which might work to be painted yet still let light through

Picture 4 is lots of fabrics which will let light through but also provide some colour for windows.

Contact Ruth if any materials would be useful. I also have lots of coloured tissue paper.


Here are some ideas to start inspiring you for your windows. For those of you on Pinterest there are loads of ideas on there.

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