Week Two beginning 8th of September


Acts 2:1-41

Please read the passage.  As you read what do you discover about the resurrected Christ?

In Acts 1:8 Luke reminds us of the strategy of the mission of God how does this relate with what we read in Acts 2:1-13?

In Acts 2:14-21

Luke quotes Joel 2:28-32.

Does v17 indicate anything connected to the Last days?

Why was this prophecy so prominent for Peter and the rest of the apostles ?

What is the crucial response before the great Day of The Lord comes? Why?

Acts 2:22-36

In verses 22-24 Peter speaks about God’s plan and foreknowledge and in the same time pointing at these men of Israel (who were there for a festival)as if they had killed Jesus!  What is going on here?

Did you kill Jesus ?

Note 2:32,33,36. What is the significance of these verses in the context of 1:8 and the rest of the book of Acts?

What is your response to these verses?

Acts 2:37-41

What shall they do and what do they do?  How can this be relevant to the 21st century?

Thought of the week:  The cut to the heart through the Spirit enabled the listeners to turn from spectators to participators of the Good News (disciples). What shall we do then?


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