Reading God’s Word during Lent – please see blog page for updates weekly reading guides.

Some of us make time to read the Bible for ourselves EVERY DAY, and some of us have tried to do this, but have failed for some reason.  This list is intended to be an encouragement to try again, in what may be a less intense way, so as to build up stamina for a more sustainable habit over the year.


The list below is of readings appropriate for the season.  Why not take time (5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes) to read one or two of these passages whenever you can?  More readings will be posted through Lent.  Read what you can, when you can!


If you have time, you might find it useful to keep a notebook to write down any thoughts you might have.   Questions you might like to ask yourself include:  Who are the characters? When and Where is this happening? Is there a Command, a Promise or a Warning that I need to take to heart?  Why did God put this passage in the Bible – what would be missing if we didn’t have it?  Is there a new or encouraging thought? Is there something in this passage that I can apply to my current situation?


Suggested Readings for the start of Lent

Matthew 4: 1-10, Mark 1:9-12, Luke 3:21, 23a with 4:1-13 –Jesus’ time in the wilderness

Psalms 51, 38 or 102 –Penitential Psalms; Jonah 3 –the right reaction from the “wrong” people

Isaiah 58 –God’s definition of true fasting; Isaiah 1:10-20 or Psalm 50–God’s reaction to insincere worship

2 Corinthians 5:11-6:2 or Romans 10: 8b-13–Christians as beneficiaries of Jesus’ work of reconciliation

Matthew 6: 1-18 –Jesus’ teaching on giving, prayer and fasting; Luke 5: 27-39 –Jesus’ calling to a new life

Luke 15:11-32 –Jesus’ teaching on the Father’s generous welcome to the repentant sinner


Links for other readings


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