Welcome to our page of resources for use with children during the shutdown.

On this page you will find a few general resources to help your children engage with God and grow in their faith along with some specific weekly resources to accompany our Sunday services. Please do send pictures of any crafts you complete to office@cairnsroad.org as we’d love to encourage the whole church with them!

General resources


Virtual holiday club – running from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th August with some live streamed sessions and lots of ideas for things to do at home. Click on the name for more details.


All Stars Kids Club has a range of Christian kids music videos, Bible teaching cartoons and craft ideas. There is also a live Sunday afternoon show, which is quite fun. You can sign up for a free account to get access.


Torchlighters has some great resource packs and fun activities based on their ‘Heroes of the Faith’ videos retelling the story of some of the great missionaries and Christians (which themselves are available on Amazon Prime or, in some cases, on Youtube).


Sunday resources


Sunday 5th July

This week we start to look at Justice, and what that means. A zoom invite will be sent to your parents separately.

Here are some things to consider at home on this subject with your families and some crafts for fun:

justice and truth

And why not try this fun challenge:

Challenge time:  Place a bucket 3 metres away from where your are standing…(or 4 metres if you are feeling very confident or 2 metres if you are under 6 years old). Then see how many times you can throw a tennis ball into the bucket in 30 attempts. I am going to deliver a prize to the highest scorer for 6 years and under; 6-8 years and 9-11 years. Parents why don’t you join in.

Have a great week and know that we continue to pray for you throughout the week. Love the Allsorts Team

“Keep your minds on whatever is true, pure, right, holy, friendly and proper.”

Philippians 4:8a CEV


Sunday 28th June

The bible says…

“Pray without stopping.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Well that sounds like a big ask…but the more we pray, the more we want to have that regular time with God and offer up to Him thanks giving and praise. We have been considering how we might pray over the last few weeks in our groups and below are some ideas of how you might do more of this with your family or on your own. Why don’t you try some ‘popcorn’ prayers. (And maybe have some too as a treat). And there are some crafts and games to play too.

prayer without ceasing


Sunday 21st June

How can we be more like God intends? Some of that is about talking and listening to God and trying to know his plans for us. We can look in our bibles and be prayerful throughout the day in all we do and ask God to lead us. This is how we might grow in character to be more like Jesus. Then we will bear the ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ like a healthy apple tree bears apples.

Have a look in  Galatians 5:22-23 to remember what your bible says about the ‘Fruit of the Spirit.’

Listen to this song as a reminder of what the fruit of the spirit are:


And please have a look at these  resources that will help you think about the Fruit of the Spirit.

fruit of the spirit


We are praying for you and that we can all be patient, and thankful for the good things, in this difficult time.

love from the Allsorts team


Sunday 14th June

This week we are looking at ‘running the race for Jesus.’

Have  a listen to these songs or have a go at the exercises Heather has prepared that are attached as you think about this..



run the race (1)


Sunday 7th June

I expect you have had a busy week this week with some of you returning to your classrooms whilst others continue to work hard online, and still keeping that distance from friends. We hope and pray that you are able have some good times with your loved ones at home and also have been able to enjoy doing some nice things linked to our bible messages each week.

We are learning about the character of Blind Bartimaeus this Sunday, and have prepared some colouring, and activities to help you understand the incredible love Jesus showed a man who cried out to him for help.

Remember Jesus is with us and we too can cry out to him for help through our prayers at any time .




Sunday 31st May

Here are some Pentecost resources to celebrate the birthday of the church and the coming of the Holy Spirit.




Sunday 24th May

Please also find attached some resources to look at over the week that includes some crafts and some bible passages with questions that you can go through with your parents. There is even some great worship songs to listen to and enjoy…just follow the link.
We are reminded in the verses 1 John 4:7-11 or God’s love for us. Even in the ups and downs God is there. Perhaps you can remember these verses this week ….or verse 11 at least?

Look_at_Gods_Love (1)


Sunday 17th May

We are still saving for our foodbanks in Bristol this term and during the all age service on Sunday you will be able to see a great video Sue has prepared that takes you right into the foodbank in Avonmouth and shows you around the site and how it all operates.
Maybe think too about how we are called in our faithfulness to God, to serve others. I hope these sheets attached may provide some ideas to explore this subject with your parents. Some bible passages and crafts and cooking.

Faithful footsteps – serving others

Faithfully Serve

The baby


Sunday 10th May

As we continue to be isolated from friends and loved one, please know we are missing seeing you in the Church building, but really enjoying connecting with you on Fridays in Roots or on Sundays in Allsorts every other week.

Jesus said when speaking to his disciples  …..

“I am the way, the truth and the life!” Jesus answered. “Without me, no one can go to the Father.” John 14:6


I hope you can adapt this attached sheet this week with your parents and family, and think more about how you might follow Jesus in your every day and know God is your Lord and Saviour.

Follw Jesus. One way


You may also like to prepare a picture with a photo of yourself on it and send it to one of your family members or friends you are missing with a word of encouragement for them (see attached In my fathers’ house).


Sunday 3rd May

How do we follow Jesus? Do we have to be special? To we need to have certain skills? These are big question? Here are some exercises and activities that might help you with these questions that you can complete with your families. (see attached)There is some cooking too. If you have been keeping a journal then there are more ideas for you here that you might try out too.

fishers of men


Sunday 26th April

As we consider this week the Disciples’ meeting Jesus on the road to Emmaus this Sunday I am attaching some lovely things for you to do together as a family that explores this bible message..crafts, games, stories and a VIDEO that tells the story very well.

road to Emmaus

Heart_memory verse road to Emmaus

Please adapt this all to suit you and maybe learn the memory verse and do a heart picture (attached) to hang up or share with someone in your family…..“When Jesus talked with us along the road… didn’t it warm our hearts?” Luke 24:32


Sunday 19th April

Here are some resources for you to look at with your parents or on your own if you are older:  Blessed   and    praying for friends

Think about which of your friends you might pray for at this time when we are all isolated. Maybe use your fingers to represent each friend that you want to pray for….one for each friend.  ✋🙏✋ You could draw a face on each finger.

Think about how we might pray for things God blesses us for even in difficult situations. The Allsorts leaders are praying for you all.


Easter Sunday (12th April)

Have a lovely celebration on Easter Day with your families and why not try out some of these crafts or look at the bible verses with your parents:

easter at home


Palm Sunday (5th April)

Here are some worksheets and ideas for activities around this Sunday’s theme of praise as we remember the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem with the crowds shouting and waving palm branches along the route:

praise him praise him

instruments quiz whats this

jesus on a donkey

activity sheet

wheres_jesus quiz


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