Mission Focus

On Sunday 9th June we had a special opportunity to be stretching our horizons and thinking about mission and  our own mission links. There was a report back from the team that recently went to visit Besmir & Miriam Gorrea in Sukth, Albania, which you can listen to here. We heard about all our missionaries and what they are up to, and also got to hear via interview and skype calls, about 3 young men who are getting involved in mission work abroad. to hear more please click on the audio links below:

Joe Hensey is on a Tearfund team to Tanzania as part of his gap year. Hear Joe share here:

Find out more about Tearfund Trips.

Josh Allen is currently in Zimbabwe working with Foundations for Farming. Here Josh share here:

  Find out more about Foundations For Farming

Tom Feather is about to go on a summer trip with the Navigators to Norway and Latvia. Ben Vigars interviews him as part of the service on June 9th. Hear their interview here:

 Find out more about The Navigators

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