When it comes to prayer there are so many ways to engage! Our ‘Why not try….’ series contains a whole range of suggestions of things you can do at home or work throughout the week to continue developing your relationship with God.

boiled sweetPraying with boiled sweets: This is particularly good for those of us with short attention spans and all you need is a boiled sweet. Choose a topic or person you’d like to pray for. As you suck on the boiled sweet ask God what he would like you to pray for that issue and talk to Him about it until the sweet has completely gone.


pipe cleanersPraying with a pipe cleaner: As you pray shape the pipe cleaners into appropriate forms – For example make a cross and say sorry to God, make a person and pray for friends and family or make the initial of a country you want to pray for.


water verseStick a reminder to pray at home: Choose a verse or write something to prompt you to pray and stick it somewhere you will see it a lot such as the fridge or your toothbrush. You can easily link this to particular topics for example using the verse ‘Jesus said “Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst”‘ (John 4:14) and sticking it on your tap or sink as a reminder to both be thankful for our plentiful, clean water (and praying for those who don’t have as much) and also for Jesus’ living water to revive our souls.


Praying Biblical blessings: Praying Scripture is a good way to start if you don’t know what to pray for a person or situation. Use a verse such as Psalm 67:1-2, Psalm 121:7-8, 2 Peter 1:2 or Numbers 6:24-26 and pray it over people or places – you could replace the ‘you’ or ‘us’ with the appropriate name. You may like to put a little card with the blessing on it in your wallet so that you can pray for people you encounter through the week or even give it away to someone you speak to.

Proverbs footprint

Creating a Scripture word cloud: You could create your own shape by writing or drawing different words of varying size and orientation. If that’s a bit much for you there are pent of free online tools you can use such as www.tagxedo.com which allows you to copy in the words to use and then change the shape, colour and font of the final product. Once finished you could use it to create a picture, make a card for someone or as a way of praying through the verses. To view some examples  click here: Word clouds



Building a memorial: Throughout the book of Joshua, which we have been studying recently, the people of Israel build cairns or memorials to help them and their descendants remember what God had done in their lives. It can be so easy to forget these things and it can be invaluable to look back during the tough times and remember the work of God in our lives. There are many ways you can build memorials: physically (create a pile of stones or build a small wall in your garden), symbolically (write something God has done for you on a small rock and put it somewhere you will see it regularly) or perhaps by writing your experiences in a journal.


Going back to basics: Romans 3:23-25 challenges us to believe that we are completely forgiven and free from the need to strive or the fear of death. It can be helpful to spend time considering whether you know this in your mind and your heart and to ask God to increase your confidence in these truths. You might like to use these cards as a visual reminder.

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