Our aspiration at Cairns Road Baptist Church is to learn how to ‘walk together and watch over one another’ in our journey of faith under God’s grace.


We are a group of people that have discovered the touch of God in our lives that releases us individually and corporately from past ways that were displeasing to our creator God.  But we are very aware of our tendency to wander away from God again and recognise that we need the Holy Spirit and each other to help us walk well before him so that God can bless those amongst whom we live and work.


In January 2014, CRBC introduced membership of the church on the basis of an annual covenant (or promise), hoping that this would help us in our commitment to Christ and one another. At a service in January there is an opportunity to make promises to God and commit ourselves to the community of Cairns Road for the coming year. For those who wish to join us during the year there are several chances to do so during Sunday services.


If you would like to find out more about covenant membership at Cairns Road please speak to Maki Miςo (0117 942 5669 / maki@cairnsroad.org).



The Promises we make together


We commit ourselves to love God

and to love our neighbour as ourselves


We commit ourselves to follow Jesus Christ,

through whom God has reconciled the world

by His death and resurrection

and in whom we continue

the work of reconciliation.


We commit ourselves to proclaim Jesus as Saviour and Lord

and through the power of the Holy Spirit 

to bring good news to the poor

to set free the oppressed,

to be a people of peace. 


We commit ourselves to each other

and this congregation, promising to

love our brothers and sisters

in God’s family

and to pray for each other.


We commit to share our time, our decisions,           

our love, our talents and our

possessions for everyone’s good.


We commit each other to God

and to the word of His grace

which is able to build us up for His Glory.



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